How To Access Hulu On Devices Outside USA?

How to access Hulu from the Outside USA? It is one of the most searched queries in Google. Well, here are the working solutions to get rid of the regional restriction to view HULU streaming service outside the USA.

About HULU

Hulu one of the giants in the USA when it comes to a streaming service provider who broadcasting over 50 channels, movies and various popular TV shows like Empire, SNL, South Park, Family Guy, CSI and so. In fact, Hulu is one of the favorite video-on-demand channels among the modern youths of America.

How To Access Hulu On Devices Outside USA

However, the streaming service is only available in the US territory and on other certain US-based military regions. Owing to the licensing issues the streaming service provider Hulu applies this Geo-based restriction.

If you try to access Hulu from outside of the US territory, then you will get this Geo-error from them “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States”.

But still, there are few possibilities to access the HULU streaming service by unblocking the Geo restriction by using various VPN services. Hulu can be accessed by the below-listed platforms.

  • PC/Mac
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • FireStick
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Kindle Fire
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Blu-Ray Players
  • Smart TV
  • WD TV

How to Access HULU From Outside US?

By using the Hulu VPN you can easily bypass the Geo-blocks of Hulu. In order to unblock the Hulu service outside the US, you can try by two methods, either by using Hulu VPN or by using the DNS Proxy. It’s not a problem whether you are in the UK, Germany, Australia or any other European region by using Hulu VPN or by Smart DNS you can make your Hulu account active.

Watch Hulu Outside USA By Using VPN

VPN – Virtual Private Network, which hides your real IP address and gives you a fake IP address based on the region selected by the users. Here, to access the Hulu content you can pick the American IP address in order to showcase that you are currently residing in the US.hulu manage devices

Get Unblocked Hulu with a VPN by using the best VPN service. You can find lots of VPN service provider among those picking the legitimate one would be a devastating task to do for normal non-tech savvy people. For such people, there are several VPN review sites, where non-savvy users can get the list of best VPN service provider

Watch Hulu Outside USA By Using SMART DNS Proxy

Unlike the previous method, here you don’t need to change your VPN server to unblock the Geo-block of Hulu streaming service. By simply changing the DNS server codes which are available on all devices, computers or mobile phones or by changing those codes at your router will do the trick.

To change those DNS server codes you would be in need of legitimate DNS Proxy for unblocking HULU outside the US.

How to watch HULU Using VPN or SMART DNS?

  1. Get the best VPN or Smart DNS proxy service and create an account
  2. Install the appropriate VPN or Smart DNS on your streaming device
  3. Create your Hulu account by using the American based Debit/Credit card
  4. Finally, before installing the Hulu app on your streaming device, change the regional codes to the US on your streaming devices by using the VPN or Smart DNS.

That’s it! Now you can access the premium Hulu streaming service on your device anywhere outside the US.