What are the benefits of Ergonomic Mouse ?

Computer mouse comes in all shapes and sizes. I am sure you’re familiar with the tiny portable ones, the ones that are for desktop ( with scroller in middle ), the one with no button from apple, and many more.

If you’re someone who takes computer mouse-related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, I recommend that you invest in a good ergonomic mouse. Now, I won’t ignore the fact that they cost more than an ordinary mouse, but, it pays off in the long run.

best ergonomic mouse list

The main reason why people experience discomfort in their hands and wrists is due to the fact that they’re not suited/fit for regular usage.

Why invest in an ergonomic mouse?

Shape and Size Of Computer Mouse

Majority of the times, people don’t consider shape and size when purchasing a mouse. They don’t bother to check if the mouse fits their hand comfortably. They look for color, brand, function and so on.

A common problem when purchasing a computer mouse is that it’s too small to fit in hand. Now, if you have a smaller hand, you should get a smaller mouse, no issues there. But if you have a normal sized hand, a small mouse, that has no support for your hand can cause fatigue and strain. The ergonomic mouse comes in multiple shapes and sizes, some even come for left-handed users.

Note: If you’re a left-handed user, there are special mouses that come for people with left hand being dominant, and you should get a compatible mouse for your convenience.

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Non-ergonomic mouse puts stress on your forearm because you have to twist your arm in order to use it.

Without even noticing, you twist your arm to adjust its position to the mouse. Ergonomics focuses on keeping your body posture natural and efficient. Ergonomic design is tailored to fit us so that we don’t have to adjust for them. Just like this, an ergonomic mouse is designed to adapt to our natural hand position.


Often, computer mouses are slippery which causes fingers to tense to control it. For example, imagine how much extra effort you make while walking across a slippery floor. You have to tense up your body to control your movements. This is kind of how you have to work with a normal mouse. An ergonomic mouse puts all such things into notice to offer utmost comfort.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Computer Mouse

1) A more natural grip.

When you purchase an ergonomic mouse which fits your hand, it will result in easier, and more natural grip. This will ease the muscle fatigue and tendon in your elbow, arm, and hand.

2) Better support

A mouse of right shape and size supports your hand and lets you work comfortably.

3) Assumes natural wrist position

Ergonomic mouses don’t require you to twist your forearm in order to work with it. It is tailored to accompany the natural position of your wrist when you’re working.

4) Less effort and energy used when mousing.

It reduces tension as it isn’t too slippery to use.

Conclusion :

Now, ergonomic mouses do have certain benefits. For the long run, it’s beneficial to invest in an ergonomic mouse as it pays off over the time. Here is a list of best ergonomic mouse that you should consider taking a look at.

Have you ever used an ergonomic mouse? Do let us know your experience in the comments below.