How much to tan at planet fitness

how much to tan at planet fitness

Planet Fitness Tanning Beds 2018: Unbiased Reviews (Lotion, Cost, Goggles?)

Benefits of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds. Before you decide whether to try tanning at Planet Fitness, consider the benefits you stand to gain: Unlimited use with black card membership. The price at which you get unlimited tanning makes Planet Fitness a more affordable tanning option than most tanning salons. Easy to operate. Mar 10,  · The longest you can tan is 15 mins. But they only allow members to tan on the 1/5 hr marks. For example if you want to tan at 5pm and the best are empty then you can. You get your 15 mins.

The PF located at Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd, Lawrenceville, GA has twice now made me sit and wait to use the tanning bed because of some cleaning policy. The longest you can tan is 15 mins. For example if you want to tan at 5pm and the best are empty then you can. You get your 15 mins. But if you sign up at and the best are empty you have to wait until All the beds were opened and I watched one of the employee clean the beds.

Then 4 employees stood behind the counter talking and carrying. The best were open and clean but they said I had to mkch after spending an hr working out for 15mins for no reason. The longest you can stay in a lay down bed it 15 mins and the longest in a stand up bed is They have 2 stand up best which sit idle for 40 mins every hour.

I pay for this service. I should be able to how do i sell my ringtones it. I understand waiting my turn if the beds are in use. PF also will not require a personal trainer That I also pay for with the Black Card to be available on my schedule around my job. Tna will not meet before I go to work. Which is at 7am. I want to get with someone around 5am but they don't start that early.

I don't get off till 4pm and the earliest I could be at the gym was 5pm depending on traffic but they stop taking appts at 5pm and if your late they will not how to make sweet popcorn in popcorn maker. I pay for services I can't use. Location: Suwanee, Georgia. Review is a subjective fitneas of PissedConsumer Haha cancel then! You obviously have how much to tan at planet fitness clue about using a tanning bed and the cleaning of tanning beds!

Go lay out in the sun! The auto presumption of gender is what cracks me up the most. No one has to schedule anyone around YOUR schedule. The product they use to clean the beds has to air dry for it to do it's best job. It recommends they let it dry for 15 minutes. If they plnaet cleaned it and the bed is just sitting there.

While the rules may be annoying, planet fitness follows them to a T! All the other staff is great besides the tanning police they just hired. Maybe he is the one that will save you from your scabies demise.

I seriously doubt your leaving the gym We will be moving over employee memberships to other locations!!! Tanning bead cleanliness is a state mandated policy as well as tanning hpw. In florida the longest tanning session is 12 minutes. If you have the black card you can just go to any location you want anytime just sign in. If you have the cheap membership then you have to keep redoing your membership every time you change a location.

Don't like it? Spend that fifteen minutes laying in the back yard. I am a woman, I tan often, I wanted to know how a public bed that i lay naked in was cleaned. Maybe you should brush up on the proper cleaning and upkeep on public beds??

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Terms of Service. I agree to TOS Cancel. PissedConsumer Jan 04, Reply 4 hoe. PissedConsumer Feb 08, PissedConsumer Txn lol. Reply 0 0. PissedConsumer Sep 01, Haha, this jow entertaining to read. No, not really. Perhaps, we should opt for the massage bed instead. Oh yea, I bet it was a dude.

PissedConsumer Nov 13, What's the earliest you can use a tanning bed. PissedConsumer Aug 14, Reply 15 2. PissedConsumer Aug 24, PissedConsumer You're rude. How much to tan at planet fitness has every right to be upset.

Reply 3 0. PissedConsumer Jul 12, How far in between I can tan again? Reply 1 0. PissedConsumer Feb 11, Get over yourself. Go to an actual tanning salon if it's that big of a deal for you Reply 6 2.

PissedConsumer If they already cleaned it and the bed is just sitting there. Kind of like your IQ. Reply 1 3. PissedConsumer Oct 02, PissedConsumer That's not true.

PissedConsumer Jul 31, PissedConsumer Thank you! PissedConsumer Mar 18, It's "beds" for Christ's sake!!!!!! Reply 16 1. PissedConsumer Mar 08, Reply 5 0. Ur canceling a membership because of a tanning bed wait

Planet Fitness Tanning Review

Feb 10,  · Planet Fitness tanning is quite similar to tanning at a tanning salon. With your Black Card membership, you can use the tanning equipment whenever you like within their opening hours. If there is a Spray Tan booth, the time when it can be used is usually posted on the booth area. Welcome to Planet Fitness. Enjoy massage chairs, tanning beds*, hydromassages**, and more! 50% Off Drinks Need to cool off? Head to the cooler and grab an ice-cold drink for 50% off. * Items marked with a * restrictions may apply. ** Items marked with a ** select locations only. Get high-quality fitness at an affordable price. Planet Fitness offers low startup fees, no-commitment options, as well as gym memberships starting at $10 a month. Join now!

Luxe Luminous. Planet Fitness is known for having lots of different gym equipment that can help you work out, and an ethos that everyone is welcome to come and improve themselves, no matter their body type. PF also has other equipment that is focused on wellness and beauty. This article looks at indoor tanning, and is a Planet Fitness Tanning Review.

Read on to find out all the details on how to tan at Planet Fitness, and whether or not you should use these tanning beds and systems. Planet Fitness offers its Black Card membership holders access to its tanning booths and tanning beds.

You need both a PF membership and a Black Card spa membership to access the tanning facilities, as well as the other spa facilities offered by Planet Fitness. That said, you can often get Guest Passes if you know someone who has a Black Card Membership, or you may be able to get Guest Passes simply by asking. Different branches of Planet fitness offer different kinds of equipment, and not all PFs have tanning facilities.

The tanning equipment is first-come, first-serve. Planet Fitness tanning is quite similar to tanning at a tanning salon. With your Black Card membership, you can use the tanning equipment whenever you like within their opening hours. If there is a Spray Tan booth , the time when it can be used is usually posted on the booth area.

Tanning beds, on the other hand, are available whenever the branch is open. Just remember that there is a time limit to using the tanning beds. Using the Planet Fitness tanning equipment involves several rules that you should be aware of. These include:. Planet Fitness usually encourages clients to be self-sufficient in using the different equipment available. Back in , Planet Fitness used to offer unlimited tanning to all their Black Card membership holders. That changed when they were forced to pay penalties.

PF failed to warn customers about the risks of skin cancer due to the tanning beds. They agreed to train all the employees who will be in charge of providing their tanning services. Similarly, they also agreed not to make health-related claims with their red light therapy devices.

Nowadays, there are warning signs near the tanning devices. Protective eyewear is now required. Some branches offer eyewear for free, while others will require you to provide your own protective eyewear before you can use the tanning bed. There are several tanning machines that Black Card members can use at Planet Fitness, and they vary by branch.

You may find a traditional lay-down tanning bed, or an upright tanning booth. You may also find a spray tan booth. The first tanning beds are the lay-down type. They are selected because while you get a tan, you also get to relax by laying down. You can take a rest for a couple of minutes while you soak up the UV rays. The problem is the comfort that you feel while laying on the glass.

There will be pressure points between the skin and the glass that can cause tanning creases. To remedy this, you should regularly reposition your body. Some prefer stand-up tanning booths because they are more spacious. They allow customers to move much easier than a tanning bed. Due to the adequate space, it is possible for customers to raise or lower down their arms, bend their knees, turn the head, etc.

The intensity of light from the standup tanning beds is usually higher. This is why the time limit for each session is lower than a lay-down tanning bed. Also, the tanning booth is filled with reflectors to make tanning easier and more even. Tanning booths are a bit more hygienic. Spray tans are a great option for tanning. They are far healthier than tanning beds. A spray tan can provide instant bronze, glowing skin. The result is fast, and will last for about a week.

Also, certain areas like the fingers, knees, feet , elbows, and wrists may tan unevenly, with streaks and cracks. Spray Tanning is pretty safe, but you should avoid inhaling the spray tan solution. Many of us feel so much better with glowing, luscious tanned skin. That said, getting a tan, whether through indoor tanning machines or outdoor under the sun, results in damage to the skin.

Tanning speeds up aging and can also lead to skin cancer. This is particularly true of those who misuse their bed, staying inside too long. Indoor tanning machines produce extremely concentrated light up to 26 times as powerful as sunlight!

You only need to be under that light for a few minutes. Not all are aware of this, which is why overexposure is a big risk. Most tanning salons have staff that guides their clients with their tanning sessions. By allowing customers to use the machines without supervision, it neglected to explain the risks customers faced.

The bottom line is that everything we do, including walking down the street and driving a car, have risks associated with them. There are real benefits to tanning. And some people just love the feel of a real tan, even if it is a UV tan. We just encourage you to be smart and to understand the risks. It comes with the price of a Black Card membership. If you choose to get a Black Card and get your tan at Planet Fitness, here are a few benefits you can enjoy:. It may seem exciting to have access to such devices, there are major risks here.

Read and understand them so you are fully aware of what you are getting into. Some of the risks involved in tanning at Planet Fitness include the following:. Warnings and instructions are found around the tanning beds.

Some even have staff assigned to help minimize the exposure of UV rays on clients. They tell clients about the maximum amount of time that they could spend on the tanning devices. Different people have different opinions about tanning at Planet Fitness. Some loved the beds and highly recommend them. But others reported bad experiences. Planet Fitness expects customers to clean for themselves before and after they use the tanning beds.

Due to different indoor tanning lotions used by clients, oils can build up even when users carefully clean. Depending on the branch, some staff clean the tanning beds, while others hardly do. Some customers also report that there are branches where tanning beds can burn you. The bulbs of the tanning beds should be regularly checked and changed. But some branches neglect them for long periods. That may be a reason why you can get burned while tanning. One of the reasons why people used tanning beds in Planet Fitness is due to the Black Card offerings.

With just a single membership, you get access to a huge variety of perks. If you end up not loving Planet Fitness, you can see how to cancel your membership here. In summary, most customers get a tan at Planet Fitness because their Black Card membership allows them to.

Although it may not be as safe and as clean as other dedicated tanning salons, it is still manageable and can save users money. Whether you choose to use the tanning bed or the stand-up tanning booth, you still need protection against too much exposure to UV light. Here are the things you should do:. Some can tan under a tanning bed for a much longer time than others before they burn. Figure out your skin type so that you know your limits when it comes to tanning.

Use Eye Protection: The eyes should always be protected when using tanning machines. There are UV protective goggles that you can wear while lying down. And there are some that can stick to your nose for use in stand-up tanning booths. Although you have unlimited access to the tanning booth, you should still know your limits. These units use red light therapy and vibration to rejuvenate and restore the skin. Tanning is a service offered in many branches by Planet Fitness to all their Black Card members.

They provide different kinds of machines that can be used for tanning. If you plan to use them, you need to take a safety-first approach. Make sure you use them too, so you get the best out of your membership. Search Search for: Search. LuxeLuminous is reader supported.

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