How to get a motorcycle license in ireland

how to get a motorcycle license in ireland

Explained: Motorcycle Licences in Ireland

Process for obtaining a motorcycle licence. 1. Study the Driver Theory Test book and CD rom and apply for your Driver Theory Test. 2. Pass the Driver Theory Test. 3. Apply to the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) for a Learner Permit. 4. Complete Initial Basic Training motorcycle course with a. STEP 1 in getting a motorcycle license in Ireland: The Motorcycle Theory Test The first step is to book a Category A motorcycle theory test. See for ordering study materials (book, CD Rom and Apps available from €), how to book and to order the study materials.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In January the motorcycle licencing in Kotorcycle changed. The steps below are for people who did not have any licence prior to Jan Full details of each licence is explained here by the RSA.

IBT for a small motorcycle category 'AM' or 'A1' - is a 16 hour course broken into four separate modules 1,2,3 and 4 which must be completed in sequence. Completing IBT for the first time on a larger motorcycle in category 'A2' or 'A' is an 18 hour course and involves completing three modules 1,3 and 5.

These modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills. When you have completed an IBT module or what is the white stuff around your mouth entire course, your instructor will record the details of your training in your logbook and issue you with a Certificate of Motoorcycle Completion.

With these three stages complete you can now take to the road! The only requirements you must arrange before riding is insurance and road tax. Road tax is arranged on www. Like Megabikes on Facebook to enter competitions for free stuff! Follow Megabikes on Twitter to hear about the new products. Check out the Megabikes blog for the latest articles. Tweet Us MegabikesDublin. Call Us Megabikes - Irelands Premier Motorcycle Superstore.

Megabikes Motorcycle Shop Dublin. Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. Test Sub Cat 1 Test Cat 1. Explained: Motorcycle Licences in Ireland.

The steps below are for people who did not have any licence prior to Jan How do I get a motorcycle licence in Ireland? The Theory Test apply online at www.

Mptorcycle do I need to apply for a motorcycle 'Licence Permit'? IBT is a mandatory training course that teaches basic riding skills to learner motorcyclists. Have fun with Megabikes Now! Megabikes on Facebook:.

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How do I get a motorcycle licence in Ireland? The Theory Test apply online at the current fee for this test is € since June 16 you need a apply online at the current fee for this test is € since June 16 you need a PSC (Public Services Card). How to apply for the full motorcycle test. Apply for your test using the RSA website here, the cost is € Waiting times vary depending how often motorcycle testing is done at your Test Centre. Unless you apply for a short notice cancellation, you usually get 4 weeks notice of test date and time. So to summarize, what is the sequence of events to get a licence in Ireland? Go to to get your theory test. Go to your tax office to arrange your learner permit. Bring your medical report (D) and eyesight report (D). Complete IBT (Initial Basic Training) with a registered instructor like me!

Have you always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Are you making plans to live life to the fullest after Covid Lockdown? Do you find the many steps to getting your motorcycle license in Ireland overwhelming? Well, we got you. First up, our home country; Ireland. With a plethora of qualifications under her belt her mission is to get new riders and car drivers on the road as safely as possible.

For those of you outside of Ireland, this will be an interesting read in terms of seeing how much training we Irish riders must have before we can take to the roads.

Running a driving school and motorcycle training in Wexford, I am used to taking all sorts of enquiries from prospective pupils. However, if it is a motorbike query, I know it will be a longer call or text!

But with the information, enthusiasm and determination, you can do it! You will need certain forms of ID both to book and to produce on the day of the test which must be done in person at a Prometric test centre. The motorcycle theory test does have different questions from the Cat B car, so do study up! Some are a bit tricky! See www. Approximately 10 years ago a Graduated Driver Licensing system was introduced in Ireland.

Basically, to stop young people jumping into cars or up on big bikes with no training and injuring themselves and others. Assuming all your documentation is in order, you will get a receipt and your Learner Permit will be posted to you in about 8 working days.

To prevent further delay as by now, you will be itching to get started! On your first session, your instructor will issue with your IBT Log Book which records your training progress. You will see that it has 5 Modules.

The sessions may be done over the course of days or weeks according to the availability of both pupil and instructor. Of course, shorter winter days and weather will affect scheduling. Many exercises are done to get you confident and comfortable with the bike. Only when both instructor and pupil are happy does the first on-road journey take place. A radio set is used to allow the instructor to communicate instructions and directions and encouragement!

Here, the sunny South East of Ireland, there are many scenic areas, challenging roads and busy towns to enjoy, giving the Learner rider a taste of adventures to come! If for any reason, you do not gain your Full License within 2yrs, you may have to do more training! You will also need to produce a copy or scan of the IBT certificate to get insurance. Depending on the grade you achieve, this assessment certificate may help reduce your insurance premium. You should of course contact the 2 other companies for quotes, Carole Nash and Principal — as always, shopping around can save you money!

How much does learning to ride a motorcycle in Ireland cost? Talking of money, how much can you expect to pay for IBT? You may have a personal recommendation or like a website. With that said, always get a clear price before you commit. Consider convenience too — how far do you have to travel for several sessions?

Do you have to pay upfront or Pay-as-you-go? You will be well on your way to getting your motorcycle license in Ireland. However, you will now be able to buy your own bike and get it insured. Do you have some useful words of advice for new riders? Say hi in the comments below. Click HERE to listen. Sign up to our newsletter below and get a discount code for our entire store right now. Join our mailing list for your store-wide discount code, the latest news, updates and discounts from our partners straight to your inbox.

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Danell Lynn is the first solo-woman ever to break the world record for longest journey by motorbike in a single country 48, miles. Jacqui Furneaux is a world traveller, motorcycle rider, Royal Enfield devotee, public speaker and Author. In this episode she chats with Kojii about her travels, her book, life on the road and more…. She returned to Ireland but bikes took a back seat for many years while raising a family and moving from Dublin to Wexford for the country life. After her father died quite suddenly aged only 70, Gillian got back into bikes.

Some people thought she had gone a bit mad but motorcycling helped her to grieve, to grow as a person and meet new friends. She was encouraged by an instructor to try the RoSPA advanced test and was proud to get Silver on first attempt. One thing led to another and Gillian found herself going thru the ADI exam process, passing each stage and qualifying as an instructor in both cars and bikes in Gillian redoes the RoSPA every 3 years to update her skills.

So what started as a hobby has ended up being her job — she loves teaching people to drive cars and ride motorbikes. The challenges of being a self-employed sole trader are outweighed by the reward of helping pupils achieve their goals both in cars and on bikes. And just in case you are wondering, no, Gillian Dunlop is not related to the famous motorcycling dynasty in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland although she does hail from Co Down!

Send us a message here, pitch us your idea and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Email Address. Join our mailing list to receive the latest articles, episodes, discounts and event details from our team. Gillian has mapped out the steps required to get your motorcycle license in Ireland.

Table of contents. STEP 1 in getting a motorcycle license in Ireland. The Motorcycle Theory Test. STEP 2 in getting a motorcycle license in Ireland. Get your Learner Permit. Different types of motorcycle license. STEP 3 in getting a motorcycle license in Ireland. Whats does the IBT cover? What gear will you need for the IBT? What happens during the IBT? What motorcycle will you learn on?

Riding the motorcycle during the IBT. How much does it cost? How to pick your first motorcycle.

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