How to get concert tickets

how to get concert tickets

Ticketmaster Tips: 7 Secrets for Buying Tickets on Ticketmaster

Tickets are % guaranteed by FanProtect. Buy and sell tickets for upcoming concert tours and events, including rock, electronic, pop, festivals and more at StubHub. StubHub - . Buy Concert tickets at CheapTickets. Search all Concert events and get last minute tickets with a % money-back guarantee.

Last year, more than half how to increase youtube video quality the US population enjoyed going to live concerts and why not? Going to a live gig is a totally unique experience that you can share grt friends. But getting your hands on concert tickets can be tricky. Last month, Ticketmaster had nearly 60 million hits and tickets for major events often sell out in a matter of minutes.

If you have your heart set on a certain event then you need to know how to buy tickets on Ticketmaster successfully. Ticket you set your account up, the tickets you want will already be selling out. You can set an account up on Ticketmaster at any time without having to buy a concery. So set some time aside to do this before the ticket release date and get yourself signed up. When you do go online to buy your tickets, make sure you have your account details and passwords noted nearby.

This will save you time trying to remember passwords or having to reset them on the day. How to get tickets on Ticketmaster is all about getting through the queue before anyone else can and presale tickets are a good way to do this.

Ticketmaster offers some presale tickets to specific credit card holders so you may how to get concert tickets able to skip the queue by using yours. Anyone with a credit card from American Express, Chase, or Citibank may be eligible for a presale ticket. For in-demand tickets, it may be worth signing up for a card from one of these banks in advance. Missing a presale offer could mean you miss a golden opportunity to get your hands on tickets easily. This will also mean that gst are fewer tockets available at the time of the general release.

You can save yourself time from trawling through concert news regularly by signing up for fan club sites for artists that you like. These will send you email or text alerts about up-coming concerts and presales that may be of interest to you. This is a quick and easy way to stay aware of concert or event news. If you have the time to do some extra searching, you can also have a look for presale codes online. Twitter is a good place to start looking for presale codes.

For a more in-depth search, have a look at tickest forums or Reddit threads. These often contain links to presale foncert.

A yo of people think that the best way to score concert tickets ot by opening up multiple tabs on their computer and refreshing these as they go. But this can actually slow your search down how to get someone to stop cutting herself lot. Instead, tp installing the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and buying tickets from this instead.

Just make sure you download the app before you need to order tickets. To use it you need to go through an image-verification test, which tckets take a while how to get concert tickets complete. They reportedly run on time according to time. To make sure this is working properly, you can even do a trial run with another event. This is a great way of making sure how to get concert tickets convert understand the process before the big day!

Make sure you check your connection with plenty of time before ticket release. This will ensure that you have time to fix any problems without having to stress. Or, to avoid potential interruptions, plug your computer into an ethernet cable. Conceert lot of people think that a key step in how to get tickehs best concert tickets is refreshing how to unfreeze frozen gutters page while you wait.

Do not do this. The Ticketmaster site will automatically refresh and update while you wait in the queue so hold your nerve and wait patiently. To avoid the temptation to hit refresh, make sure you have something else to do at your computer while you wait in the queue. And if you want to secure multiple places in the queue from your computer, open a couple of browser windows not tabs to apply for tickets.

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From cheap concert tickets to VIP access, Vivid Seats specializes in connecting concertgoers with options to accommodate virtually any budget. Enjoy maximum affordability and selection for the best in pop tickets, country music tickets, rock tickets, and more, with the added benefit of having a full-service customer support center available daily by phone () and Live Chat.

Knowing what the best concert ticket sites are, and how to use them, is essential if you're buying tickets to popular events.

We no longer queue up at a box office window for our tickets - more and more we buy them online. And even when using the most reliable, and well stocked concert ticket sites, getting tickets for the most popular gigs and shows can be very difficult indeed. Modern queueing systems mean that sitting in front of your computer refreshing a page over and over again is a thing of the past, but all sites tend to feel the strain when popular tickets are released. Most of the sites provide a guarantee that your tickets are the genuine article too.

StubHub places a clear emphasis on concert tickets, with a variety of genres and options to look at festival tickets greeting you when you first visit the website. The mobile app is also easy to use, and it lets you access tickets on the day of the event — once you purchase the ticket, a bar code on your phone gets you into the venue. You can also follow your favorite artists through the app and receive alerts about shows in your area.

Selling tickets with StubHub is almost as easy as buying them. Like many of the top concert ticket sites, SeatGeek assigns a deal score to each ticket, marking it with a color and number on a scale of zero to ten.

This results in a straightforward and visually compelling arena seating chart. It also has a great app which is available to Apple and Andriod users alike. Although at times the website was a bit of a trawl, we loved Razorgator for its unbeatable prices, reasonable fees and unprecedented number of search filters to help you find the perfect seat for you.

This is our pick of best value ticket services as the prices were consistently lowest in our testing. Ticketmaster gives you access to some tickets at face value and has the best customer guarantee we've seen. Ticketmaster is a great place to shop for tickets because of its return policy. Prices were average across the sites we reviewed, and with Ticketmaster you get the added advantage of buying tickets from a primary seller. Most websites let you post your tickets and set your own price, taking a cut of the money when you do sell.

This is made even easier by how easy it is to sell your ticket to TicketCity, which can be done over the phone or on an online form. To find the best ticket sites, we checked prices for local and national concerts and events on the same day and made a note of the lowest prices available, as well as comparing overall value for money. We also ranked sites based on price, availability, website and app features and the variety of events covered.

We went through every step of the buying and selling process for tickets to make sure there were no hidden fees or issues with these sites, so you can be confident in picking the right concert ticket site for you.

We reviewed the top concert ticket websites and checked prices for local and national concerts and events. We researched price, availability, website features and mobile experiences. We scored each website based on these features and compared service fees and total cost three different events to determine our rankings. It can be especially difficult to navigate the world of service and convenience fees, and we took the time to compare them.

We read through detailed FAQs for each website and compared the customer service options to find out how each website will work with you in case you run into a problem with your ticket purchase. We looked for concert tickets to see a nationally touring pop artist, among others. We then identified a mid-priced seating section at each concert and put two tickets in our cart to see what their final price was, including the service fee and shipping fees for electronic and ground delivery.

We also looked at what the cheapest tickets available were for concert-lovers looking for a bargain. Although the service fee associated with selling tickets is more expensive than selling them through a local classified listing or through social media, we found that using an online ticket broker was safer and made your tickets available to a larger potential audience. The price of a concert ticket cost depends on who is performing and where.

All the online ticket brokers we reviewed charge service fees. Some also charge convenience fees, shipping and e-ticket delivery fees.

Fees are unavoidable, so you might want to consider shopping around before you make your final decision. However, some will help you to resell your tickets and if an event is permanently cancelled you should expect to be refunded for your tickets.

All the services we reviewed allow you to click on various sections in the venue and compare prices. The ticket services we reviewed have searchable calendars to help you find concerts in your area. However, if you want a more personal experience and notifications about when your favorite bands are coming to nearby venues, concert calendar mobile apps are a better option.

Once you find a concert to attend, use our favorite concert ticket services to find the best price. Of all the ticket sites we looked at, StubHub had the best app. This lets you sync your music so StubHub learns your favourite artists.

This concert calendar app is free and available for iOS and Android devices. It searches services like Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer to find out what kind of music you listen to and curates a personalized concert guide based on your playlists. Songkick sends notifications about concerts and festivals near your current location and allows you to set a reminder to buy a ticket. It displays pricing information, but we suggest using one of the licensed ticket broker sites we reviewed to ensure your transaction is secure and that you can get help and support if something goes wrong.

This app has similar search capabilities as Songkick — it can sync to your playlists on popular streaming services and send notifications about bands you follow. However, because it allows artists to post tour dates free of charge, Bandsintown is a better option for searching for and discovering smaller local acts.

It also has better social media features. For example, you can invite friends to a concert with a Facebook post, view tour news and updates, and post photos of yourself dancing or attempting an epic stage dive.

Bandsintown is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores free of charge. StubHub A great all-rounder with a wide selection of tickets and user-friendly app and website. SeatGeek A straightforward, visually compelling website and great prices. Ticket prices were good, but not the cheapest we saw.

Ticketmaster Ticketmaster gives you access to some tickets at face value and has the best customer guarantee we've seen. VividSeats VividSeats has the best rewards program of the websites we evaluated.

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