How to install recoil spring

how to install recoil spring

How to Install the Recoil Spring on a Poulan Chain Saw

May 22,  · Best 3 Ways To Install A Recoil Starter Spring On A Small Engine | Lawnmower as I teach you how to install a dreaded rewind starter spring in your. May 17,  · Coiled the spring into the fenced circle and held it coiled with my smallest vice grips, pulled out a couple nails and gently dropped it into place. I also had to make a plastic spring shield out of a 1# coffee can lid to go between the spring and pulley.

In most cases, the recoil starter fails because the spring slides out of place, causing it to lose tension. Luckily, when this happens, you can fix your recoil starter in about 20 minutes. Your recoil starter may also fail because the pulley or recoil housing has worn and the spring no longer sits in the housing correctly.

We used a Briggs how to install recoil spring Stratton starter sprlng this repair, but most starters will require the same steps. Visit our Briggs and Stratton parts page to find the right parts for your Briggs and Stratton starter. Most recoil housings will be similar to this model.

Caution: Once you put tension on the pulley hoe spring, you will want to hold the housing securely. A small tab on the pulley can cut your hand if you accidentally let go of the recoil starter when it is tensioned. Remove the how to install recoil spring housing cap Unscrew the cap that holds the pulley to the recoil starter housing.

If your spring has slid out of the slots in the housing, then you can continue with the repair. If the housing, pulley or spring have failed, then you will need the proper replacement parts before continuing. Untie the rope Untie the knot in the rope and slide it out of the housing. Replace parts if needed Swap out the pulley, housing or spring if the parts need replacing. Re-tension the spring Now it's time to re-tension the spring. Think about how you want the rope hw return into the housing.

You will need to wind the pulley in the opposite direction. With the pulley in the recoil housing, turn it about six times. Once you have tensioned the spring, use a small screwdriver to keep the pulley from spinning. Attach the cap Reattach the cap that holds the pulley to the recoil housing. While the cap will sprinf the assembly, it will not prevent the pulley from spinning, so keep a good grip on the pulley. What are some causes of language extinction the rope Line up the holes on the pulley and the recoil housing and thread the rope through them how to make jean planters. Tie a single overhand knot in the end of the rope.

If you're worried about the knot untying itself, add a coating of thin super glue to keep it secure. Pull the starter cord tight in the housing and ensure the knot won't interfere insfall the pulley's ability to rotate in the housing. Coil the cord Hold the recoil starter firmly-- it is still how to deal with screaming kids tension --and remove the screwdriver.

Pull the starter cord tight and then let go of the pulley. Control the rope speed as the pulley winds the rope back into the starter. In many cases you can remedy a broken recoil starter with a screwdriver, the stock parts and about 20 minutes of time. Since eReplacementParts. You can find the recoil housing, spring or pulley you need for those times when the repair requires more than just re-tensioning the spring.

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Restore a saved shopping cart. Preferred Partners of. Repair Center. Why Read This Article? Most lawn equipment small engines use recoil starters. Learn to troubleshoot a common problem and get back to your projects sooner. Save time and money by repairing it yourself. Remove the recoil housing cap. Untie the rope. Replace housing parts if needed.

Re-tension the recoll. Re-attach the housing cap. Reinstall the starter cord. Coil the starter cord. Standard flathead or phillips screwdriver depending on your recoil starter Optional small screwdriver. Many recoil starter pulleys have a small tab that can cut you if you accidentally let go of the pulley when the spring is tensioned.

Use a small screwdriver to help keep the pulley from spinning in the recoil starter housing. This article explains the steps necessary to repair a small gas engine's recoil starter. A broken recoil starter can prevent you from starting the equipment you need, but with a quick and easy repair, you can get back to work in no time. As anyone who works with lawn equipment knows, small engine recoil starters eventually fail. When your lawnmower, string trimmer how to install recoil spring other tool's pull cord goes slack, starting the engine becomes impossible.

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Mar 29,  · Grab the recoil rod, slip the spring over it, and hold it (firmly!) by the flanged end. Put the bare-end of the spring in the ring of the slide, then very carefully push the recoil rod toward its final resting spot under the barrel, allowing the spring to compress and slide onto the rod as it moves into the correct final position. Dec 18,  · Release the tension from the old recoil spring. Hold one hand over the recoil spring while prying out the cassette from inside the pulley. Insert the new recoil spring into the pulley’s center. Set the pulley and recoil spring back onto the mounting post. Set the pulley into place on the recoil starter housing pulley shaft with the rewind spring hook-end aligned with the starter pulley shaft slot. 13 Pull 10 inches of pull rope back through the.

When working on a rototiller starter assembly or replacing the pull rope, it is quite common for the recoil spring to eject from the spring housing. The spring is under tension that is needed to recoil the starter rope into the starter assembly and can eject a long distance.

Coiling the spring up includes replacing the outer coils first. Put on leather gloves to protect your hands from sharp spring edges and safety glasses to protect your eyes in the case that the spring uncoils while you are rewinding it. The pulley and housing will need to be removed and separated before repairs. The two parts commonly are held together with a screw or screws, which can be removed with a screwdriver. Place the outermost coil of the spring into the round metal spring housing with the tab on the spring in the locking slot.

The length of the spring should be on your right side. Hold the spring down in the housing with your left thumb and forefinger and turn the housing clockwise. Press the additional coils of the spring into the housing with your right hand. Turn the housing and insert the spring until you reach the tip of the spring.

The spring coils back into the housing from the outside to the inside, becoming tighter coils as you wind it. Place the tip of the spring in the housing as the innermost coil. The curved tip will be in the hole in the center of the housing.

Replace the spring housing into the starter assembly and set the pulley on top of it. Untie the knot in the pull rope on the starter pulley and remove it. Turn the pulley five to six complete turns in the opposite direction that the pull rope exits from the starter. This will provide tension on the spring to retract the pull rope when starting a tiller. Align the hole in the pulley with the exit hole for the starter rope.

Place a screwdriver through the starter pulley and rear housing to keep the tension and maintain this position. Reinsert the starter rope end through the exit hole and pulley hole. Tie an overhand knot in the end and pull it tight. Remove the screwdriver and allow the starter rope to rewind slowly. Place the starter assembly on the rototiller, replace the starter cover and insert and tighten the screws surrounding it. Mary Lougee has been writing for over 10 years.

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By Mary Lougee. Related Articles. Spray rototiller tines with a strong stream of water from a garden hose and brush off debris and dirt with a stiff brush after each use to prevent rust while in storage. Rub petroleum jelly on the tines to lubricate the metal and prevent rust while in storage. Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working on a starter assembly. When the spring ejects from its housing, it can cause injures with its sharp edges.

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