How to make your own magnetic whiteboard

how to make your own magnetic whiteboard

Make Your Own Big Magnetic Staff Board

May 24,  · Get tutorial here: How to Clean a Dry Erase Board. 4. How to Build Your Own Framed Magnetic Chalk Board. by @lovecreatecelebrate. If you’re feeling the need to get more organized, this is the perfect project! With a tutorial on how-to create a lovely magnetic . Jun 08,  · Grab our magnetic paint and whiteboard paint here: (Click "show more" to find out how it works)You can turn every smooth surface in.

With their size, they are ideal in meetings, planning, whitteboard facilitating collaboration among team magneic. They are also functional, especially, magnetic whiteboards. A custom on whiteboard is a multifunctional office tool that whiteblard help you with organizing ideas and surprisingly, advertising!

Whiteboards come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be made from enameled steel or porcelain, melamine, laminated chipboard, and painted aluminum and steel.

When planning, we need to make a detailed list to ensure that we are not forgetting any important aspect of our plan. When shopping, we also need a list of things we are going to buy.

However, announcements and important lists will not fit in a small post-it note. This is where a custom magnetic whiteboard comes in. It also comes with a pen and a magnetic pen holder. This custom magntic whiteboard will not only enable people to post their ideas, but this also provides a good venue for branding and promotion.

This custom magnetic whiteboard is not whitebkard large as the ones we see in lecture halls and offices, which is why it is perfect for home use. It can be attached to the refrigerator, on the wall, and kitchen. Post notes, bills, and photos onto the whiteboard with ease without punching holes onto the documents.

This custom magnetic whiteboard is great for managing household chores and what-not. Write down the task schedule to facilitate the division of labor.

Post your bills on this magnetic board to see which need to be settled first. Planning for a party? Do you need to keep track of your diet? Use this custom magnetic whiteboard to jot down your ideas you want to share with your family. Working from home may seem like a job made in heaven. You can even work how to make your own magnetic whiteboard your PJs or while eating!

However, some people find it hard to be productive working makee home. Planning and making a to-do list can help anyone finish their tasks more efficiently. As such, we highly recommend having a magnetic whiteboard in your home office. Strengthen magnefic corporate spirit by branding and customizing the magnetic whiteboard to suit your brand image. So, why not include this whiteboard to your work from home survival kit? When given as a client giftyou are positioning yourself as someone that they can rely on.

If you are in the shipping industry, it only makes sense to customize it with your logo or other visuals that are related to freight, logistics, and shipping.

If you are in the health and pharmaceutical industry, you can customize it in a way that maek remind clients that you are a company that they can rely on for any hpw concerns.

This magnetic whiteboard can also be a great addition to your shop, restaurant, pubs, hotels, and restaurants. Pubs can use this to display announcements and menu. Simple, yet practical and useful, there are so many ways to customize a magnetic whiteboard. Even the magnets can be custom-designed to make your brand stand out. You can either have your logo on the magnets or panton-match it how to make your own magnetic whiteboard your brand colors.

Furthermore, you can also have the pen printed with your brand name to match the board. When done right, the custom magnetic board can be an effective POS display for any company.

Are you keen to design your very own custom magnetic whiteboard? We can have your magnetic whiteboard custom designed for your company. Feel free to send us an email and quote product code: ODM Do you need stationery gift sets, displays, and office items to promote your brand? We have a wide range of marketing products for you to choose from.

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It is rare whiteboqrd see whiteboard being given out as a promotional gift. Magnetiv because it is unusual to receive this as a gift, it will certainly make the most onw. Promotional Gift — Mini Whiteboard. Reusable, durable, and eco-friendly, this whiteboard notebook will certainly encourage everyone what is there to do in sanibel island fl go paperless in the office! Find out why hoow is such a great marketing product to have!

Office Promotion Idea — Whiteboard Notebook. Blackboards are surely one of those magneetic POS displays we often see in hip coffee shops and bars.

The ability to be personalized is what makes this an inexpensive way mae stand out. Menu Manufacture — Blackboard and Tabletop. We're always ready to review your next project. Let's design and manufacture something special together.

How to Make a Big Custom DIY Whiteboard for Under $30

Begin by measuring out the space on your wall where you'd like to have the white board. Use measuring tape to ensure that the board is completely square or rectangular, or design a unique shape based on your needs and preferences. With a pencil carefully mark the borders of the area that will become the white board. Simple, yet practical and useful, there are so many ways to customize a magnetic whiteboard. Even the magnets can be custom-designed to make your brand stand out. You can either have your logo on the magnets or panton-match it to your brand colors. Furthermore, you can also have the pen printed with your brand name to match the board. Paint the backing board using a foam roller and magnetic primer. Apply three thin coats of magnetic primer allowing minutes of drying time between each coat. To produce a stronger magnetic surface that will hold heavier magnets, use more coats of paint. Dispose of the foam roller or clean it with xylene before storing.

Magnetic Board Symbols All of my students have said it is so much easier to learn them this way. It is a lot faster and more fun than using a worksheet, too. I thought about using a marker to draw the staff lines on my board, but I was afraid I would mess it up. Please buy it where you find the best price.

I wanted my lines to be about the size of a line I would draw on the board, if I had steady hands! Magnetic white boards are a lot more expensive than the non-magnetic variety.

The most expensive places are office supply stores. Sometimes Amazon has great buys, but be sure to buy the magnetic variety if you mail order one. Here are some suggestions to get one at the best price:.

Just remember, cut it out before you laminate! Print the symbol pages with black ink and cut out each symbol. Cut out the inside of each symbol with small scissors so that there is no white showing. I cut a slit with a craft knife before I cut the inside but that is optional. Use a black sharpie along the edges if needed to cover up little bits of white. Use your whole note as a measure to determine the size of your staff.

With a ruler make a template to show the placement of the tape. Line up the template where you want to put the lines for the staff. Cut tape the length of your white board and place 5 lines horizontally on the board. In this photo, you can see I discovered the staff is too close to the edge for high ledger lines notes, so I plan to move it down.

Originally I was going to make a grand staff. Place the cut symbols and notes into lamination pouches. Leave enough room around each symbol so that they can be cut in rectangles and squares for ease in handling. The dots on the bass clef should be cut out separately.

Place the cut out bass clef without the dots inside the laminating pouch and lay it over your template. Open the pouch. Put a little bit of glue on a toothpick to glue the dots in the correct place on the laminating pouch. The dots will need to be centered on each side of the bass F line. The glue will hold the dots in place. Then close the laminating pouch and run it through the laminator. This worked great for me and was not as hard as it sounds.

My students keep asking me how I did it! Cut small pieces of magnetic tape and place it on the back of each symbol. Every symbol needs at least 2 pieces of magnetic tape and the bigger symbols need more. To conclude, it was not hard to make my magnetic staff board and symbols.

In fact it was a lot easier than writing this post which took me about a week! I find it hard to write directions, so please leave a comment if you have a question about the instructions or even a suggestion! If you have made a magnetic board with an oil pan, give us some tips! Thank you, thank you! This is absolutely awesome and right on time, as I plan to do a lot of staff work this term.

Much appreciated! Thank you for the idea! But you idea is terrific because I can customize the size!!!! Thank you! Thank you so much for this! I just finished the project and it looks great. I went ahead and did a grand staff with a C line between and there is still plenty of room on top and on bottom if I want to eventually add up to high C and low C. This was great! Thank you so much. I already had the magnetic board, so I made the notes and symbols and they look great!

And yes, I would love to have time signatures, bar lines, etc. Using the magnets is quicker that having the students draw everything. Of course, at times, drawing is necessary, but other times it helps to be able to cover more material.

Thanks, Susan, for all you do! I really like this idea. I recently made a magnetic board out of a small cookie pan from Dollar Tree. I use it with a paper grand staff and I made little letter pieces from the little flat, clear marbles you can buy also at Dollar Tree.

I imagine you could spray paint the cookie sheet white and use tape on it for your laminated cutouts. I might give it a try. I guess you could do it without spray painting the pan also. I know how hard it is to write instruction. You do a great job! Susan, this has really inspired me. What great ideas you have. Can I just make another suggestion though? In this case you would only need a large board — or even the wall!

Put on several coats of the grey primer you need to build up several layers to make sure it is magnetic enough , then paint over it in white and go from there. This project is going on my to-do list. Love the suggestions in the comments as well — I have a Cricut machine and a music cartridge so it might be just perfect as one person suggested!

I love your resources and the way you make them accessible to everyone. Thanks for sharing! I made a large magnetic staff board for my students several years ago and it was very popular. The black tape is a good idea as I found that the felt marker lines rubber off as I moved the symbols around. It made it much easier for wee fingers and mine to use the notes etc.

I absolutely love your work and dedication to teaching piano, and also a big hullo from New Zealand. I have 12 that I hand out to my students as individual boards. Do ABC games, intervals, scales. The black tape makes the perfect staff. Great stuff! Hoping to get started with this soon. Your work on the site has always been SO helpful. Thanks again. Many years ago over 30 I cut out symbols to use on my poster board staff board grand staff on one side, larger single staff on the other and they are truly showing wear!!

I will be making a magnetic board and will use transparencies for my printer and then put magnets on the back when I cut them out. I would love to have additional symbols and rhythm notes.

Thank you for being so generous with your time and talents. My students love your games! Susan, your instructions are great, and I plan to make one of these boards. I use them on the floor, and the student and I sit on the floor to draw on them using whiteboard markers. I sometimes clip it to my plain white board. But I love the idea of having a real board that can be put on an easel. And, yes!!! This looks like a fun project for my smaller white board!

Also — if someone has a Cricut — that might be a way to make the symbols on the magnetic paper just thinking outloud here. I have seen some black magnets at the office supply stores that might work as notes so that my students can create their own songs, and where we can play fun games!

Thanks Susan, you got the musical wheels turning in my head this morning — love it! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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