What the hell went wrong

what the hell went wrong

What the hell has happened to Schalke 04?

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Welcome to Last Word on Sports. Please login or sign up. Entire forum This topic This board. April 30,pm. Mobile Main Menu. What the Hell Went Wrong? Philadelphia Eagles Go Down Pages 1. It almost feels unbelievable that this team won the Super Bowl just three short years ago this month.

It feels almost unbelievable that there is a statue of Nick Foles and Doug Pederson outside the stadium honoring the Philly Special, and neither are still here. I need an outside perspective.

Excluding Howie Roseman because we all know he's the problemwhat can non Eagles fans tell me and other Eagles fans about why and better yet how, things went so wrong for this team.

Honestly curious to get everyone's thoughts. I of course have many of my own but I'd love to what is the relationship between gross pay and net pay how people outside of Philly view all this. Norton Hero Member Posts: Logged. Re: Philadelphia Eagles Yeah it's pretty crazy to me too how fast they've fallen off.

It was just one bad pick after another and one bad move after another with nearly everything going what the hell went wrong as badly as possible. Follow me on Twitter norton I think overpaid to try and repeat the Super Bowl formula. Unfortunately, a lot of those O-linemen have been hurt bad at some point as well, so it's just money wasted. They tried to repeat with the same guys and insert Wentz but teams caught up to them.

And I don't think Doug Peterson ever evolved. Teams just figured out their offense and it got stale. So look, it was almost a perfect storm. They bought their own hype, when maybe it was just a magic run and the same guys couldn't repeat.

Plus injuries, lack of creativity to reinvent offense, Wentz struggled game to game Blow it up. So much of his success was based on unsustainable third down production, and that simply can't happen on a year-to-year basis. They also seemed to go all-in on bringing in older veterans to get the most out of Wentz' rookie deal. And Howie's "cap management genius" was essentially intentionally going into debt, paying the minimum, and dealing with what the hell went wrong consequences later.

Basically, everything they did was short-sighted and now they have to deal with the fallout. Go Up Pages 1. User actions. February 18,pm It almost feels unbelievable that this team won the Super Bowl just three short years ago this month. February 19,pm 1 Yeah it's pretty crazy to me too how fast they've fallen off. February 20,am 2 How to file chainsaw rakers think overpaid to try and repeat the Super Bowl formula. February 20,pm 3 I think the Eagles how to get more popular on tumblr WAY too quick to believe that the version of Carson Wentz was the real deal.

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The beginning of the end

Aug 12,  · So what the hell went wrong with this season? Well let me lay out for you the mistakes that made this season of True Detective one of the most bizarre experiences in recent memory. [Obviously spoilers are to follow, but quite frankly if you haven’t seen it, you might save yourself hours of your time and just read this review instead.]. -Oda went full fightfag. Admittedly, I remember EL being a clear jump in that direction, but Post-Timeskip is exponentially worse. Look no further than DoFlamingo becoming super-SSJ awakened devil fruit hakiman with Bir D. Cage powers. Oda lost subtlety and is going for the Bleach/DB fanbase. nealt68's "what the hell went wrong?" 1st round mock. Discussion. This is my first mock of the season and I need some help figuring out where it went south. I like every individual pick in this draft, but for some reason when I look over it as a whole I think it's a garbage mock. I need to figure out where I went wrong on this mock, or if I'm.

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of German football will know that Schalke 04 are one of the Bundesliga's biggest and most influential teams. While they might not have been able to stop Bayern Munich's reign of terror, they've come pretty close.

Just three years later, and they're preparing for life in the second tier after suffering a humiliating relegation which had players running for their lives away from an angry mob of fans who were stunned at how their club could collapse so quickly. Antonio Blanco could be a key figure in the final stretch of Real Madrid's season. Player ratings as Bayern fall to a shock defeat to Mainz in Saturday's Bundesliga action. The proceeds from a friendly between Bayern Munich and Germany will be used to fund Die Mannschaft appointing Hansi Flick as their new manager.

A list of some of Pep Guardiola's greatest performances thus far as manager of Manchester City. De spelers van Schalke 04 moesten gisteren na de nederlaag vluchten voor een grote groep boze supporters die teleurgesteld waren over de degradatie. It's a truly ridiculous story, and if you're looking for an explanation, you've got to head back to On February 21, , Schalke announced that Christian Heidel would take over as their new sporting director.

This was the man credited with developing managers like Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel, who combined to help Mainz punch well above their weight from onwards. Heidel appointed Markus Weinzierl, who had just taken Augsburg to the Europa League as his new first-team manager.

There were big plans for Schalke and it seemed as though everything was being put in place to achieve that. Unfortunately, it didn't work out While Weinzierl's management on the pitch was a little underwhelming - his side finished tenth in his debut season before being sacked in the summer - it was Heidel's work behind the scenes that really contributed to Schalke's downfall.

Schalke are one of Germany's biggest talent-production factories, and with that comes an influx of transfer fees when those players are sold. Since Heidel's arrival at the club, Schalke have spent a similar figure on players who have not filled the void. Breel Embolo, Nabil Bentaleb and Sebastian Rudy are the club's three biggest signings, and none of them made it anywhere close to the level of those they were meant to replace.

Meanwhile, Leon Goretzka walked out on a free to join Bayern Munich in Club officials didn't care about the turnover and failed replacements, believing that you have to spend money to make money. Unfortunately, by the time Heidel left, the damage was already done. When new manager David Wagner had them as high as third in December, Schalke were feeling good, but then the world collapsed.

Performances on the pitch fell off, but the final nail in the coffin was the COVID outbreak which ravaged football's finances. Even teams who were rolling in cash started to haemorrhage money, but Schalke had no parachute.

The debts were already there and began to spiral out of control. When fans began to request refunds to their season tickets, they were told that money would only be paid out to supporters who could physically prove they needed the money.

By the end of things were looking dire on and off the pitch. Schalke had to win at all costs, but they didn't have any money to improve the squad.

The only 'upgrades' came in the form of free transfers like Shkodran Mustafi and loan deals for players like Sead Kolasinac. The manager had to work miracles or face the sack.

Wagner couldn't do it. Manuel Baum couldn't do it. Christian Gross could do it. By the time Dimitrios Grammozis arrived in March, it was far too late. Schalke were bottom of the Bundesliga and simply waiting for their inevitable relegation to be confirmed.

An unstable ownership, deteriorating playing squad and complete lack of structure at management level all proved a deadly cocktail when the pandemic hit.

With just two wins, seven draws and 21 losses to their name, Schalke's relegation was confirmed with a loss to Arminia Bielefeld, and just like that one of the biggest sides in German history was relegated. Related Articles.

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